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A Symptom Checker that’s Right for You

Heads Up Checkup consists of multiple questionnaires based on specific age groups – each one specializes in age-appropriate concerns. For example, age 0-5 is too early to ask questions about substance use, and age 12-17 is too late to ask questions about early childhood development. Another example is that all the Heads Up Checkup questionnaires ask about anxiety symptoms – but each version focuses on specific types of anxiety that are common to that age group. In all cases, results are emailed to you immediately upon completion.

The appropriate version will automatically be selected for you based on the information you enter during registration.

Heads Up Checkup is free.

Heads Up Checkup is sponsored by Well Street as well as other businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations dedicated to early identification and treatment of childhood emotional and behavioral health disorders. Early identification and treatment are critical to improved outcomes both in the short and long-term.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Symptom Checker

The Heads Up Checkup symptom checker covers the most common behavioral health concerns among children, teens, and young adults – all in one instrument. It takes between 5 and 15 minutes to complete the symptom checker. And – you can take it on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device (iOS or Android) anytime, anywhere you have a strong WIFI connection. Your results are emailed to you immediately.

It works like a conversation.

Checkboxes with general statements are presented regarding eating and sleeping habits, feelings, behavior, activities, academics, and social situations. When you endorse certain combinations in the general statements, the symptom checker is alerted and will ask you more specific questions. This helps to narrow down or rule out some of the possibilities. Heads Up Checkup also knows when the general statements you have endorsed are not related or are within normal limits and in these cases – it won’t ask additional questions.

Every Heads Up Checkup symptom checker result is unique.

Because of the “smart” programming in Heads Up Checkup, each person’s result is unique. Aside from the general statements, each person will experience a different set of sub-level questions based on her or his specific statements, responses, and areas of concern. For example, there are over 600 different combinations of statements and responses that could point to the symptoms of ADHD.

Based on International Classification of Disorders V-10.

The statements and responses you will see in Heads Up Checkup are part of complex algorithms developed from diagnostic considerations and criteria found in the International Classification of Disorders V-10. You can rest assured that the science behind Heads Up Checkup is well grounded and the results are reliable.

Safe, Secure, Confidential.

Heads Up Checkup runs in a secure environment and results are confidential. All data is encrypted to/from and at-rest. Nothing is downloaded or stored on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. And no one receives your results except you – unless you explicitly give Heads Up Checkup permission to share. If you give consent, results can also be sent to your parent/guardian, doctor, therapist, or school counselor.

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